Whats New In GarageSale 6.7

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Here is a list of changed and and new features for GarageSale 6.7.

improved preview mode

When using a listing design with a dark background in previous versions of GarageSale, it was quite hard to see where the insertion mark was. GarageSale 6.7 improves cursor visibility by using a brighter insertion mark.

Additionally, the gallery image is now marked by a small icon.

calculated shipping can be offered for free

This only applies when listing on eBay sites where calculated shipping is offered, as eBay.com.

In previous version of GarageSale, when calculated shipping was offered, the buyer was charged the amount eBay calculated as shipping charge. In GarageSale there is now a "Free" checkbox for each specified shipping service, indicating that the seller is shipping the item free of charge, if the buyer selects that shipping service. This makes it possible to offer free shipping along other calculated shipping services to buyer is charged for.

For standard, fixed-price shipping sellers need to put a "0,00" in the shipping charge field to enable free shipping.

added support for 'Restocking fee' setting in 'Return Policy' settings

Sellers can now set a percentage of an item's value as 'Restocking fee". This fee will be charged buyers who decided they are going to return an item.

This option is only available on sites that support the 'Restocking fee' option.

sellers can specify costs for 'cash-on-delivery' payment option (contrassegno) on eBay Italy

When items are listing on eBay Italy, there is an additional field in the General listing template tab of the inspector window, which lets the sellers specify an extra charge to the buyer, if cash-on-delivery is selected as payment option. This option is called 'contrassegno' and seems to be quite popular in Italy.

added support for eBay Poland

Sellers can now list their items on ebay.pl using GarageSale.

GarageSale's main window now supports full screen mode

images can be dragged from FileMaker Pro databases onto GarageSale

In previous version, certain images dragged from FileMakerPro databases weren't recognized. In GarageSale 6.7 these image drags are now correctly handled and FileMake Pro users can drag images from the documents into GarageSale templates.

option "Also upload images to EPS, if free" now works for eBay Australia, too

When listing items on eBay Australia, images can be uploaded to eBay's picture service (EPS) free of charge. This change has been incorporated in GarageSale 6.7. If the "Also upload images to EPS, if free" checkbox in GarageSale's Image Server preferences is checked, images get uploaded to your selected image server at the selected resolution and links to these images get embedded in the item description. Additional the first ten image will get uploaded to eBay's picture service, so they can easily be view through eBay's mobile apps.

condition details can be specified for listings on eBay Australia

The 'condition details' is a free-from text field that allows sellers to further describe the condition of their items. This field can now be filled in when listing on eBay Australia.

updated shipping options for eBay France, Italy, and Spain

The shipping options for these sites should now be on pair with what's available when listing through the respective eBay website.

reserve price field is always enabled now to deal with unreliable meta-data from eBay API

Previous version of GarageSale only offered the 'reserve price' field for auction-style listings, when the eBay category meta-data indicate that the option was available for the selected category and site. We run into a number of cases where this meta-data did not supply the correct flag, which causes GarageSale to disable the 'reserve price' field. That's why we decided to always offer the 'reserve price" field, regardless of what's indicated by eBay. In cases where the 'reserve price' field is indeed not available, an error is returned by the eBay API.

when using the 'Import from my eBay' panel to create a new auction template, the originating eBay auction is also imported and linked with the new template

In case a seller wants to modify an active eBay listings not made with GarageSale, he first needs to create a listing template from the listing in GarageSale. This can be done using the 'Import from my eBay' menu command. In previous version of GarageSale, the original listing was not atomically added to the list of listings started by the new template, if it was not already available as a tracked listing in GarageSale. If this is the case in GarageSale 6.7, a listing object is created and added to the listing object, so the 'Revise' and 'Relist' commands are immediately available.