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This page is currently work in progress. Please check back frequently for additions more detailed description of new features.

Performance improvements by using Apple's CoreData library for data storage

GarageSale is now using Apple's CoreDate Library for storing your data. This should allow for larger auction and templates libraries and improve memory usage for heavy users.

Batch editing: controls in Inspector window now apply to all selected templates

Changing any control in GarageSale's inspector window now changes that value (e.g. duration, starting price, shipping info) for all selected templates, making batch changes to your auction templates a lot easier.

Supports eBay's new item condition flag

On July, 27th eBay will make its new condition flag mandatory on some categories. This new condition flag replaces the condition value that was previously part of the item's custom specifics or attributes. GarageSale 6 adds support for this feature.

GS6 NewConditions.jpg

Support for eBay's item variation feature

You can now list several variations of your items, for instance shoes in different sizes or t-shirts in different colors, in a single listing. Item variations are available in supported categories. This feature integrates with GarageSale's new inventory tracking feature (see below).

GS6 Variations.jpg

Please see the Variations section for more details on this feature.

Inventory tracking

You can now define products and assign them title, pricing information, images, and quantity. You can link your auction templates or a variation from a variation-enabled listing with your product through the SKU field. Every time an item sells, GarageSale will decrease the remaining quantity for the linked product.

GS6 Inventory.jpg

Design Properties

GarageSale's new 'Design Properties' give you fine grained control about many aspects of an auction design. Depending on the chosen auction design, you can now control change the color of the auction title, use an alternate title on the auction page, use a different page width, or remove the border around embedded auction images.

GS6 DesignProperties.png

Most built-in designs already support this features. It's easy to add design properties to your custom design using the latest version of the design template utility.

See the Design Properties page for all details.

Design language allows access to user's eBay store categories

You can now access information about your store categories from GarageSale's design template language. This makes it possible to build dynamic menus for your store navigation right into your item description. Try the new Pro Designs in GarageSale 6 - they can display your store categories and store name. See the Pro Designs page for details.

GS6 ProDesign.jpg

User properties

User properties are user-definable text blocks specific to an auction template. These properties can be included in the item description with GarageSale's design language.

If you are selling almost similar items which only differ in a few aspects, e.g. power supplies with different output voltages, you can now use the very same description in all your auction templates. Instead of inserting different voltage value in possibly several locations of your item description, you include the voltage user property in your description. This voltage user property can be conveniently changed from GarageSale's inspector window for each template of your items.

You can paste the language design language command to include a user property into your description from the auction preview's context menu.

Image captions

You can now assign captions to your auction images. See the Image Captions page for all details.

GS6 ImageCaption.jpg

Text blocks in preview mode

The existing text block feature can be used in preview mode. Previously, the text block feature could only be used in GarageSale's editor mode. Once the user edited the description in preview mode, the text block got resolved and no longer picked up subsequent changes to the original text block.

With GarageSale 6, {{ and }} have been added as identifiers for design language commands. Commands embedded using this identifiers will not get resolved in preview mode. Instead you have to press the Control and Option(Alt) keys on your keyboard to temporarily resolve them and see how your auction would look like when posted to eBay.

Smart groups for transactions

With GarageSale 6 you can now create smart groups that filter your auctions on the transaction level. Previously smart groups could only be set up for template or auctions. This new smart group type makes it easier for sellers of multi-item auctions to tailor GarageSale to their work flow.

GS6 Transactions.jpg

Auto re-list

The existing auto-restart feature has been updated to use eBay's re-list command instead of listing completely new items. Using "re-list" will preserve the existing search rank of your ended auction and carry it over to the re-listed auction.

GS6 AutoRelist.jpg

Improved auction state synchronization with eBay

You can now upload your local transaction states (e.g. paid, shipped) to eBay from GarageSale before leaving feedback.

GS6 Synchronization.jpg

Other Changes

  • more customization options for financial reports
  • new toolbar icons
  • runs in 64-bit mode on supported Macs
  • supports eBay's watermark option when eBay's picture server is used for image storage
  • improved visual feedback while uploading auctions to eBay