Whats New In GarageSale 5.4

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Integrated auction design store offering 50 new designs

GarageSale's new integrated the design store offers 50 new multi-layout designs starting at USD/EUR 1.99. These designs can be previewed and purchased directly from within GarageSale and are automatically downloaded and installed.

GS 5.4 DesignStore.png

More Information about the new design store can be found here.

Four new auction designs

We added four new auctions designs to this release. All of these designs offer multiple layouts as usual:

EN GS 5.4 NewDesigns.jpg

The new designs are called Chalkboard (green), Cross Stripes (black), Wallpaper (fresh), and Sweetheart.

Greatly improved 'Relisting' function

You can now use GarageSale's Relist function to relist several auctions at once with just a few clicks. GarageSale is also giving you more control about what auction attributes to update, if you need to change your auctions before relisting. This way you can keep your recent sales score for fixed price items and retain your Best Match rank in eBay's search result.

EN GS 5.4 Relist Multiple.png

Improved Twitter Integration

You can now use the %t placeholder in the Twitter message that get's posted when you start auctions from GarageSale. This placeholder gets replaced by the title of your auction before the message is sent to Twitter. Also, GarageSale will no longer send tweets to Twitter when your auction uses eBay's scheduler, thus avoiding auction URLs to are not accessible yet.

EN GS 5.4 Prefs Twitter.png

Increased image size for eBay's picture service

GarageSale now uploads larger images to eBay's picture service, when EPS is used as your image server option. This improves the compatibly with eBay's current view item page, especially if your are using eBay's supersize option.

New script to convert FileMaker XML to GarageSale XML

Exporting a FileMaker database to GarageSale's XML format has always been a little bit tricky. To help you with that process, we are now including a small script that converts FileMaker's XML format into the format understood by GarageSale. Please check the folder called Goodies on the disk image available from the GarageSale webpage. Please check the Read Me file in this folder for more instruction on how to use the script.

Warns when auction title end with 'copy' when starting auctions

When you use the Duplicate Template command, GarageSale appends the suffix "copy" to the newly created template. If you forgot to remove this suffix before starting the auction, eBay might have stopped your auction. GarageSale will now warn you if your auction's title still ends with "copy".

Auction thumbnails are now updated after image revision

In previous versions of GarageSale, revising a running auction's picture would not cause the existing thumbnail of that auction in GarageSale to be updated, too. This has been fixed now.

Improved Design Template Manager window

A little known feature of GarageSale is the ability to disable auction designs you seldom use. That can be done with the "Design Template Manager" from the "Window" menu. For this version we improved the user interface of this window, e.g. by adding a search field:

GS 5.4 DesignTemplate Manager.png

Improved auction preview

GarageSale's auction preview will now display your selected values for the following auction attributes: Handling time, eBay SuperSize image option, Best Offer, Reserve Price and Free Shipping.

Improved eBay Messages Integration

When you sent out a message to a buyer via eBay's message system in previous versions of GarageSale, you had to choose a value from the 'Question Type' popup. Because of this, the e-mail composed by eBay contained an "member has a question" caption. In most cases this was not what the seller wanted. In GarageSale 5.4 the 'Question Type' value is optional, eliminating the "member has a question" caption in the composed mail.

EN GS 5.4 SendMail.jpg

Other Changes

  • improved Delicious Library 2 importer for large libraries
  • 'Select All' command in preview editor makes now works as expected
  • fixed problem in cover flow view with selecting design by typing first few characters of its name
  • fixed multiple import of images when double-clicking in media browser window
  • added menu item to for choosing auction design to preview context menu
  • removed deprecated shipping insurance options
  • updated shipping services for eBay US, eBay Motors, and eBay Italy
  • added support for eBay Philippines
  • next neighboring item gets selected after an item was moved to the Trash
  • fixed inconsistencies in context menu of main outline view
  • offers more durations for eBay stores on eBay Australia
  • 'Best Offer' and 'Reserve Price' auction attributes can be turned off when revising or re-listing an item
  • deleted 'item specifics' are removed from eBay when an auction is revised or re-listed
  • works around an eBay bug that caused messages flagged as alert to be advertised by Growl more than once