Whats New In GarageSale 5.3

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All 136 multi-layout auction designs now support eBay's new 'View Item' page

eBay is changing the design as well as some as technical aspects of their auction page. To make sure your items are displayed perfectly with the old and the new page, we tweaked every single of GarageSale's auction designs and made sure each of them works in all major web browsers. We also adapted GarageSale's built-in HTML preview to eBay's new look.


Twitter support: Automatically update your Twitter status when you post items to eBay

You can now authorize GarageSale for your Twitter account in the Preferences panel. Once you have done this, GarageSale will post a customizable tweet every time you start a new auction.


Added remaining character count for auction title field in preview edit mode

For some users it's import to squeeze as many relevant keywords in the 55 characters allowed as listing's title. We had this feature in the classical editor mode for years, but people kept requesting it for the preview mode, too.


New 'Thumb zoom' layout available in many auction designs

'Thumb zoom' is a great new layout available in most designs, which gives your buyers an bigger version of your item's images. This feature does not use JavaScript or Flash and is therefore allowed on all eBay sites. We also tested it for compatibility with all major browsers.


Partial auction revise: When revising running auctions, you can choose what parts of your auctions to revise

Revising running auction has been a piece of cake with GarageSale for years. With version 5.3 we are adding a partial auction revise feature. Instead of revising the while auction, which is in many case not possible because of eBay's policies, you can now select what aspect of your auction you can now revise.


Best offer auto-accept and auto-decline thresholds are now supported


These values can also be set through AppleScript, e.g. here is a script that sets your item to automatically accept everything below 80 percent of its 'buy it now price' and accepts everything above 90 percent.

tell application "GarageSale"
set myTemplate to a reference to the first selected template
set binPrice to the buy it now price of myTemplate
set auto decline best offer of myTemplate to yes
set declineThreshold to (binPrice as number) * 0.8
set auto decline best offer price of myTemplate to (declineThreshold as string)
set auto accept best offer of myTemplate to yes
set acceptThreshold to (binPrice as number) * 0.9
set auto accept best offer price of myTemplate to (acceptThreshold as string)
end tell

Automatically archives web pages of ended auctions mitigates eBay's 60 day expiration period

Sometimes it is necessary to take a look at an old auction page long after it has finished, e.g. to resolves disputes with buyers. Unfortunately, eBay doesn't archive the web pages of your archived auctions forever.

Starting with version 5.3 will automatically archive your finished auction web pages once you view them in GarageSale.

You can disable the option to automatically archive auctions in the General preferences section and invoke the archive command manually from the Auction menu.


Improved panel for creating groups, smart groups, events, etc.

There is a new unified panel for creating all sort of items in GarageSale: groups, smart groups, events, and reports.


Auctions can now be linked with products from eBay's catalog for the Inspector window

eBay is encouraging sellers to link their listings with catalog items as a way to increase auction exposure, we added a button the Inspector window that brings up the catalog search panel. Previously this option was only available from the Template menu.


Other Changes

  • Transaction details of finished auctions can now be accessed with AppleScript
  • Improved compatibilty with Safari 4 Beta
  • Private comment field can be accessed with AppleScript
  • Added additional item properties to report feature
  • Assign sort order to smart groups
  • Stability and performance improvements
  • eBay scheduler time now scriptable
  • tax state can now be set via AppleScript
  • added 'local pickup' shipping service for ebay.it