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Employs Apple's Spotlight technology for searching and smart group evaluation

GarageSale now uses Apple's Spotlight technology for performing searches and evaluating your smart groups. Instead of loading all your complete library into your Mac's memory for these tasks, GarageSale can rely on the index created by Apple's spotlight system. Users with large libraries (1000+ templates) should benefit the most from this change.

Troubleshooting hint: If your smart groups don't update correctly you can force Spotlight to re-index your GarageSale library from the Advanced section of the Preferences window. If this doesn't solve the problem, make sure there aren't any older versions of GarageSale on your hard drive (disk images or compressed archives of older version are fine, though).

Enhanced support for eBay's buyer requirements


In addition to the "Buyer needs PayPal requirement" you can now block buyers from countries you don't ship to and buyers with a record of unpaid item strikes. Look in the 'Advanced' tab of the templates inspector for the Buyer Requirements section. You can also select several templates at once and choose the corresponding menu item from the 'Template' menu.

GS 5.2 BuyerRequirements en.png

Added support for eBay's classified ads

It is now possible to list 'Classified Ads' on eBay with GarageSale. This a a special format on eBay, where no actual bidding or purchasing takes place. Instead the seller pays a higher insertion fee for the presence of an ad in a certain category. There is a new checkbox 'List as Classified Ad' in the 'Advanced' section of the templates inspector window to activate this format. GarageSale right now supports the Classified Ad format on eBay.com, eBay.de, eBay.co.uk, and eBay.ie.


Enabled special Freight shipping method on eBay.com and eBay.co.uk

On some sites eBay now requires that at least one domestic shipping service is provided. This shipping service can either use flat or calculated fees. Unfortunately eBay does not offer a shipping calculator for freight shipping via its API (which GarageSale uses to communicate with eBay). To work around this problem, GarageSale can now flag your item as special freight item, which can be posted to eBay without specifying a shipping fee upfront.

To use the Freight shipping mode, select the domestic service "Freight" on eBay.com or "Courier:Heavy or bulk items" on eBay.co.uk as your only shipping service (this includes international services, too). eBay will flag your listing as freight without a shipping price. It's up to you to negotiate the price with the buyer (if terms are not already included in your item's description).

Users can choose between multiple combined shipping discounts profiles

Discount profiles provide way to specify how a buyer would benefit from lowered shipping fees when purchasing several items from a seller, which would then be combined in a single shipment.

In the shipping options panel, there is a new popup that lets you select among the combined shipping discount profiles you have specified on the My eBay website. You might need to update your discount profiles in GarageSale under Preferences > Accounts > Discount Profiles to make all discount profiles appear in the shipping options panel.

GS 5.2 DiscountProfiles en.jpg

Users can drag auctions to a template's auctions table to associate the auction with this template

In GarageSale your auction definitions are kept in a so called template object. Each time you start an auction on eBay from a certain template, the auction gets added to the list of auctions associated with that template. You can access this list for any template from the 'Auctions' tab of the 'Inspector' window whenever you want to revise or relist an auction.

By associating an auction with a different auction template, you can revise or relist that auction with a template different from the one used to start it. This is handy when you have several people listing auctions under one eBay account from different Macs or when you deleted your original template.

Imports store categories from running eBay auctions not started with GarageSale

This enables store category based smart groups for auctions that were imported from My eBay and were not started with GarageSale. Please note that you can choose only leaf store categories for smart groups.

Correct error source (e.g FTP server, eBay) is shown when errors are received during auction upload

If you FTP server login data is incorrect or some other error is returned by your FTP server, the error panel is now correctly identifying the error source as 'FTP server'. In past version the error source was 'eBay' leading some users to believe something was wrong with the eBay account data.

Shipping panel now asks for package dimensions in metric units for eBay Canada and eBay Australia

Canadian and Australian users don't need to convert their package information. In the past eBay interpreted information submitted by GarageSale in the site's default units ignoring the imperial units attached to it. The shipping panel has now been updated to reflect this behaviour.

Lets users decide to re-list an auction even if GarageSale thinks re-list criteria are not met

There is a new button 'Relist Anyway', in case you want to re-list an auction that ended successfully, e.g. because the buyer didn't pay.

Other Changes

  • 'See description for shippig terms' is no longer an option on eBay sites that require a domestic shipping service
  • fixes issue with some JPEG image being resized too much when previewed or uploaded
  • performance improvements when working in GarageSale's Scheduler
  • user defined text blocks can be re-ordered in Text Block manager window
  • custom mail templates can be re-ordered in Mail Template manager window
  • shipping tracking number field in transaction inspector is now editable
  • duplicated auction templates are inserted directly below their original
  • updated shipping services for French and both Belgian eBay sites
  • AppleScript commands now return and expect currency fields in localized number format
  • added tax table information for eBay Canada