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About Variatons

GS6 Variations Inspector.png

Variations is a new eBay feature that allows a seller to include different styles (colors or sizes) of the same item in a single listing.

eBay supports variations in some categories. You can see whether or not a category supports variations in GarageSale's category chooser window.

To setup variations for a auction template, go to the inspector window's advanced tab and click the magnifying glass button in the variations section.

In GarageSale your variations can differ in up to two different aspects, for instance color and size, or height and width. These aspects are called primary and secondary characteristics.

GarageSale's category chooser displays whether the selected category supports variations.

Setting up Characteristics

In GarageSale's variant panel there is column for each different value of the primary characteristic (e.g. red, green, and blue for color) and a row for each different value of the secondary characteristic window (e.g. small, medium, and large for size).

You can change the a characteristic's title and the number of its different values by clicking on the top left cell in the variations table.

GS6 Variations Characteristics.png

Specifying Characteristics Values

You can change primary characteristic values by clicking on the column headers.

GS6 VariationsPanel ColumnHeader.png

You can assign pictures for each column (i.e. a primary value like Color). It's not possible to assign images to a specific variation.

The picture feature is only available if you have linked your variation items with GarageSale inventory items (see below). Check the 'Use' box next to each image to include it in your listing. For each column (i.e. a primary value) you can pick a single image as gallery image that represents that primary value in the eBay listing.

If the items your are selling in a variation listing differ in color, it makes most sense to use 'Color' as your primary value.

You can change secondary characteristic values by clicking on the row headers.

GS6 VariationsPanel RowHeader.png

Setting up Variation Items

Each cell in the variations table, except the row and column headers, describes a different variation of your item.

Assign each variation a price and a remaining quantity. You can either define these values directly in the variations table or you can setup a corresponding product in GarageSale's inventory and link it with a certain variation.

GS6 VariationsPanel Variation.jpg

Using Inventory Products in your Variations

Setting up an inventory product lets GarageSale track the number of remaining items of that flavor if you use it in different listings, e.g in different categories or different listing styles. You can also add images to an inventory item.

GS6 InventoryPanel.jpg

Click the "Create new Product" button at the bottom left of the variations panel to open the inventory panel and setup your product there.

Once you are done setting up your products return to the variations panel. You can associate an inventory product with a variation of your item by entering its SKU or by using the mouse to drag and drop an an inventory item from the sidebar onto a variation.

Removing a variation from your listing

To remove a variation that's already listed on eBay, enable the "Delete this variation during next revise" and invoke GarageSale's revise function afterwards.

Starting with GarageSale 6.0.7 you can remove a variation from your listing by setting its quantity to zero before revising it.