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After your auction has been started at eBay you can view your listing in GarageSale's auction section. Bring up the inspector window to see additional details. Please make sure Tracking is activated in the GarageSale preferences.

Inspector - Tracking Auctions

Once you have selected an auction, you'll see detailed information about it in GarageSale's Inspector window.

The inspector will show two tabs. The first one shows general information about your item, while the second ones shows detailed information about every sale transaction originated from the selected auctions.

EN Inspector Auction1.png

Auction information

Once you select an auction GarageSale will display the start and the end time of your auction, the time remaining as well as the listing fee at the right side of the main window:

En auction info.png

Once your item generates a sell on eBay, a transaction is generated. You can use the five checkboxes to track the transaction's state. If your are offering more then one item in a single auction on eBay, you can use the popup showing the buyer's name to see the different transaction.

You can get more information about an item's transaction by switching to the Transaction tab in the Inspector window's toolbar.

En auction info2.png

EN Auctions ActionsPopup.png

You can perform various actions on an transaction. Click on the sprocket popup menu to choose one.

Each auction has private comment field can be used to save remarks. It's contents is copied from the private comment field of the auction template the auction was started from.

If you have enabled auction tracking in the GarageSale Preferences the application will periodically contact eBay to get information about new sales and bid changes. Once a sale has occurred GarageSale will also download the name of the buyer.

Auction Transactions

For each item successfully sold on eBay a transaction record is created. You can view the transactions for an auction by clicking on the 'Transactions' button in the Inspector window's toolbar.

Here you can see a list of all transactions for the selected auction. You can also select multiple auctions by holding down the shift key. When multiple auctions are selected you'll see an aggregated list of all transactions.

En auction transactions.png

In transactions table you'll see a list of buyer names and the respective sale dates . At the left of this list are buttons for working with the selected transactions:

  • The 'envelope' icon will open the message editor to send a message to the buyer through eBay's message system or regular e-mail
  • The 'star' icon will open the feedback panel
  • The 'parcel' icon will open an external shipping application on your Mac. You'll need either Endica or NRGShip UPS installed on your Mac.

The are below shows more information about the selected transaction, including the buyer's address.

The next sections shows information about the shipment:

En auction shipping.png
  • The 'Shipping Service' field contains the shipping service selected by the buyer during check out on eBay. If it's still empty, make sure GarageSale's data is up to date by choosing 'Update Auction States' from the 'Auction' menu.
  • The 'Shipping Cost' field is automatically populated with information from eBay. If not, please enter the amount you are charging the buyer for shipping.
  • Enter the shipment's tracking number in the 'Shipment #' field. You should upload this number to eBay so buyers can track their purchases. This can be done by clicking the grey upward pointing arrow button next the 'Item Shipped' checkbox further down. eBay will only accept the tracking number if the 'Shipping Service' (see above) field is showing a value.

The next sections shows information about the state of the transaction. The various checkboxes in this area correspond with default smart group rules in the auctions section. Changing any these will make the item move to a different smart group.

EN auction states.png
  • Mark the "Sent Payment Instructions" checkbox after you send the buyer payment instructions. If you usually don't send out payment instructions, you can ignore this box.
  • Check the 'Item Paid' box once you received the payment. If the payment is made through PayPal during checkout on eBay, this box gets checked automatically.
  • The "Feedback Received" received will receive a checkmark once the buyer left feedback for the transaction on eBay. It is always disabled, because this is a read-only flag.
  • Check the "Left Feedback" box once you left feedback for the buyer. This box will get automatically get check when you use GarageSale's built-in feedback panel.
  • Mark the "Refunded" checkbox for transactions you refunded, because the buyer withdrew from the purchase or never paid.

If you have PayPal account tracking activated in GarageSale's preferences, GarageSale will associate the fees of the PayPal transaction with the originating transaction. These fees are shown in this section:

EN Auctions PayPal.png

When you are using GarageSale's report feature, the PayPal fees are deducted from your profit for this auction.

The information in the next section is used for reporting. You can ignore it, if you don't plan to use GarageSale's report feature:

EN Auctions ItemCost.png
  • The 'Item Cost' field contains the cost for the item sold. Its content is copied from the 'Item Cost' field in the auction template the selected auction was started from.
  • If you charged the buyer 'Shipping Insurance' in addition to the regular shipping cost, you can enter it here.
  • If you the buyer paid more for shipping than you are actually paying, you can enter your shipping cost in the 'Actual Shipping' field. The price difference will be added to your profits when you are generating incoming reports with GarageSale.

Overview Mode

When you select more than one auction in the table on the left side of the main window, GarageSale will switch to the overview mode. You can use this Overview to see the current state of your auctions. Depending on whether you are in list or image overview mode, either a table with auction details or images representing your auctions will appear.

You can also access this overview by simply one of the two overview buttons in the main window's bottom bar: Overview-Buttons.png

EN Auction Status Labels.png

Those images carry small labels indicating your auctions state. The first number in the label denotes the number of bids your auctions has received. The second number is the current bid for your auction. A blue label indicates that your auction has ended successfully, a yellow label that your auction has begun but that no one has yet placed a bid. A green label means that your auction is running and has received one or more bids. A red label indicates an auction that has ended but didn't receive any bids.

Apart from that, your auctions can be seen in the table on the left where the colored dots indicate the state:

EN Auction ListHighlight.png

By default, auction states are updated automatically by GarageSale. This can be controlled from the 'Tracking section' in GarageSale's preferences. You can also force an auction state update manually through the 'Download Auction States' command in the 'Auctions' menu:

EN Download Auction Status.png

GarageSale will only download transaction data that has changed since the last download.

Force-update auction states: In some case it might be necessary to download as much data from eBay as possible, e.g. because a certain change is not visible in GarageSale even though it's present at the eBay website. To do so hold down the alt key (option key) on your keyboard, then click on the Auction menu and select Redownload auction states... to download all data for your accounts.