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Upon the first program start, a blank auction called New Auction Template is created. You can create a blank auction template at any time by pressing the New Template button in the toolbar. The new templates will appear in the Templates section on the left-hand side outline view of the GarageSale window.

Editing basics

You can accomplish most of the basic auction setup directly within the auction preview in GarageSale's main window. This way you get instant feedback how the auction looks once it's on eBay.

En preview-mode.png

Title and Subtitle

An optional subtitle for your auction, providing more detail about your item (additional ebay fee).


Enter your product’s description in description area. You can change the style and alignment of your text using the format bar above the description.

En descriptionfield.png


Add images to your listing by simply dragging images file from the Media Browser window to the image drop zones in the preview area.


You can also drag image files directly from a Finder window or desktop onto a image drop zone..

EN drop zone.png

Gallery Image option: You might want to mark one of your images as the Gallery Image. To do this you can right-click on an image and select Mark as Gallery Image.

EN markAsGalleryImage-RightClick.png

More info about different image hosting options and their associated fees can be found at the Images pages.

Listing Designs and Layouts

GarageSale's listing designs offer a great way to improve the look of your auction. You can select a design from the "CoverFlow" control in the main window (by double-clicking it) or through the Listing Design command in the Template Menu.

EN listing design coverflow.png

Additional listing designs are available for purchase from the GarageSale's built-in design store.

See the section Creating Own Listing Design Templates for a guide on how to create new listings or customize existing ones.

In addition to the numerous listing designs you can choose the arrangement of the pictures and the auction text by selecting a specific layout offered by the chosen design.

EN listing design coverflow03.png

More information is available on the Layouts page.

You can further fine-tune the designs by using the Design Properties and Image Captions feature.

Auction Options

You can access all options for your templates and auctions from the Inspector window.

En inspector1.png

First Category, Second Category

En auction options1.png

eBay provides a large number of categories to make your item easier to find. Click the magnifying glass button to select a category. (required)

Optionally, list your item in more than one category to make it more visible (additional category fee). Listing in more than one category may result in double fees for other options, e.g. bold title / highlighted title.

Attribute Sets

Many categories on eBay offer so-called item attribute sets. These are an optional and free-of-charge opportunity to further describe your item in a standardized way, thus making them easier to find for potential buyers. Click magnifying glass to specify attributes for your item. See the Item Attributes section for more information.


If you are listing an item that is available as a known stock product you should link it with a product entry from eBay's catalog. This way your item can be found when a buyer is searching eBay for a certain product. This option is only available in some categories. See Liststing with Pre-filled item information| for more details about this topic.


In this field you can enter the UPC, EAN, or ISBN code of your item – if it’s not contained in eBay’s product catalog.

Search engines will recognize this product code on your listing’s page. Thus, when somebody searches for a particular product, your listing will appear at a higher position on the result page.


En auction options2.png

Set the duration of your auction. eBay provides standard auctions lengths that you can choose here. The contents of this popup menu might change if you have configured GarageSale to upload your auction to your eBay store. GarageSale supports all duration options: From "1 Day" to "Good Till Cancelled".


Select a condition that best complies with your item. (required)

Starting Bid and Buy It Now Price

Choose at least one of these entries. If you plan to offer a fixed-price auction, use buy it now only. If you only want a bidding auction, choose starting bid.

Starting Bid: This is the starting bid at which you would like to offer your item. Remember: it is always possible that you will have to sell your item for this price. So choose wisely!

Buy It Now Price: The price at which you are willing to sell your item immediately. If you don't select a “starting bid” for your auction, the auction will be a 'fixed price auction' (different listing fee).

Best Offer

This option is only available on selected eBay sites and in certain categories, and only if you are starting your auction as a 'fixed price auction' (no starting bid, only 'buy it now'). With this option enabled potential buyers can ask you whether you are willing to sell your item at a lower price than the given fixed price.

Reserve Price

This is the price below which you do not want to sell the item. Your reserve price will not be shown on eBay, but the fact that there is a reserve price is visible to bidders (additional fee).

To use the Reserve Price option you have to enter a Starting bid. Please note: The reserve price is not available for all eBay sites. Also, please make sure to select a category that support the reserve price option. You can check this in the category browser.

Border, Bold, Highlighted Title, Gallery, (Homepage) Featured

You can choose several enhancements for your auction.

The options will make your auction's title appear in bold or highlighted in the eBay category listing or search result. You can also add a border or the featured gallery effect (additional fees).

Counter Type

Select the desired access counter type for your auction.


En auction options3.png

Specify what shipping services you offer here. If you want to offer more than a single shipping service for your buyers to choose from, click the magnifying glass to see the options. For more information on how to specify several domestic and international shipping services see Shipping Options. Be aware that the names of the actual options you choose (UPS Ground, UPS 2nd Day Air, etc.) might not show up in the Preview of your template. You might see only the prices you entered for the services. The names of the services will appear in your eBay listing. Don't worry. This minor aberration in the Preview is a deliberate safeguard to prevent GarageSale from stumbling over many frequent changes eBay makes in this portion of its interface.

Handling Time

Choose how many days you will need to submit an purchased item to the shipping carrier (or bring to the post office) after you have received the payment. This information will be displayed on the eBay page of your item. This is not the time it takes the shipping carrier to deliver your item.

You can updated the handling time value for several auction templates at once from GarageSale's AppleScript menu (look for the papyrus icon).

Note the long-time GarageSale users: This field was called 'Dispatch Time' on eBay and GarageSale earlier.

Return Policy

If you are accepting returns for your items, you can specify in the 'Return Policy' section. Click the magnifying glass to bring up the 'Return Policy' panel. The contents of the panel differs between eBay sites, as not all eBay sites offer the same set of options. You can change the return policy for several auction templates at once by invoking the 'Edit Return Policies...' item from the 'Template' menu.

Payment Options & Instructions

Payment Options: Choose the payment methods you are willing to accept by clicking on the magnifying glass. This will present you with a list of available payment methods.

Instructions: You can optionally enter your payment instructions here. Please note: eBay will not allow any listings that mention "money orders", Western Union" or "personal check" in most of the categories. If you don't remove them from your listing it can result in an "240" eBay error.

Deposit Settings for eBay Motors US

When selling cars or trucks on eBay Motors US, sellers can specify their deposit settings in this section:

En auction options deposit.png

Deposit: The required deposit amount.

Time to Deposit: The period of time your are expecting the buyer to send you the deposit.

Full Payment: The period of time your are expecting the buyer to send you remaining amount.

Advanced Auction Options

Additional auction properties can be specified in the Advanced section.

En advanced auction options1.png

Use eBay Store

If this checkbox is enabled, GarageSale will associate your listing with your eBay store. The item will show up in your eBay Store as well in the regular eBay categories you selected. You have to be an eBay store owner at eBay to use this option. Please go to the Preferences panel and download the list of your store categories before using this option.

Store Category & 2. Store Category

eBay allows you to create custom categories in your store. Once you downloaded the list of your custom categories in the store categories section of the GarageSale Preferences window you can choose two categories for your item to appear in.


En advanced auction options2.png

If you want to auction several items of the same kind all at once, enter the quantity of items in this box.


Variations is an eBay feature that allows a seller to include different styles (e.g. colors or sizes) of the same item in a single listing. eBay supports variations in some categories. You can see whether or not a category supports variations in GarageSale's category chooser window.

More information is available on the Variations page.

Sales tax

If you need to charge sales tax you can select a tax rate or enter a tax percentage in the Sales Tax section.

Buyer Requirements

En advanced auction options3.png

The buyer requirement settings allow you for example to block eBay users who didn't register a PayPal account to bid on your item. In addition to the "Buyer needs PayPal requirement" with GarageSale 5.2 and newer you can block buyers from countries you don't ship to and buyers with a record of unpaid item strikes. You can also select several templates at once and choose the corresponding menu item from the 'Template' menu.

Keep in mind that you are in this way possibly reducing the number of potential buyers.
GS 5.2 BuyerRequirements en.png

Immediate payment

Immediate Payment is a free option that can be applied to listings with a Buy It Now offering, including auction-type listings and Stores items. By choosing this option, the seller requires immediate payment through PayPal before the listing can end. Once the payment is confirmed, the listing will officially end.

Understanding immediate payment (eBay help)

Get It Fast

If activated, your item will get marked with the 'get it fast' flag on eBay. This options is only available on certain eBay sites. It can only be enabled for buy it now items with a dispatch time of 1 day, for which at least one shipping option has been specified.

Private Auction

This option hides the user IDs of bidders in the active "public" listing. IDs remain visible for the seller, though.

Keep in mind that on some eBay sites this is an extra fee option.

List as classified ad

With GarageSale 5.2 and newer it is possible to list 'Classified Ads' on eBay with GarageSale. This a a special format on eBay, where no actual bidding or purchasing takes place. Instead the seller pays a higher insertion fee for the presence of an ad in a certain category. GarageSale right now supports the Classified Ad format on, ('Inseratformat'),, and

EPS options

En advanced auction options4.png

If you are using eBay's picture service (EPS) for image storage, you can choose between several options offered, e.g. supersize pictures (larger images) or picture pack. Selecting anything other than 'standard' implies additional charges.

EPS Watermark

GarageSale supports eBay's watermark option when eBay's picture server is used for image storage.

eBay scheduler

This feature allows you to use eBay's scheduling mechanism to schedule a starting time for your auction, beginning at any point in time after you have uploaded your auction information. (at additional cost.)

As of GarageSale version 2.1 you can use GarageSale's built-in Auction Scheduler to list items at a certain time without paying extra listing fees to eBay.


En skype.png

Sellers may have Skype buttons on their listings. Skype, an eBay company, is an application that you can install on your computer.

You can download and install Skype, and then use Skype to quickly chat with or call the seller with your questions.


En advanced auction options5.png

SKU stands for "stock keeping unit." It is a term for a unique numeric identifier, used mostly to refer to a specific product in inventory or in a catalog. If you are selling several items of the same kind you can in this way differentiate between them (rather useful for professional sellers).

Item Cost

Add the actual item cost here. This is a helpful option to calculate the profit/loss in the Report Generator feature.


En charity donate.png

eBay allows sellers to list items and collect proceeds (in whole or in part) on behalf of nonprofits either with eBay Giving Works (the dedicated program for charity listings on eBay) or without eBay Giving Works (as long as the listings meet specific guidelines for charitable solicitations).

First, you have to download available charity organizations:

En download charity.png

You can then choose the organization and specify the percentage you are willing to donate.


En advanced auction options-site.png

This was set during the initial configuration of GarageSale and may be changed in the GarageSale Preferences panel.

Country, Region, Location (City)

Please enter the country and region where you are and the location of the item.


The currency used for your auction. Except for eBay Canada, there is only one currency option available. On eBay Canada items can be listed in either Canadian or US dollars.


If you want to make your item available via the location based search on eBay's website, activate the checkbox and enter your ZIP code here.

Private Comment

You can enter a private note for your auction template in this text box. You can leave notes for yourself here and later use the Search box to find the auction template again.