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Pro Designs are advanced auction designs, specially designed for use with your eBay store listings. They allow you to add your store name, store categories and individual text boxes (e.g. for Shipping Info, Payment Info, Return Policy, …).

All this can easily be done in the Design Properties Inspector in GarageSale 6. Pro Designs let you create highly professional store listings. If you run an eBay store you'll love them. Good to know: Even without an eBay store you can use the Pro Designs!

Additional Pro Designs are available in GarageSale's Design Store.

As an example see this Pro Design called Pro: Sidebar Store:


Where do I find the new Pro Designs?

So far there're two Pro Designs already included in GarageSale. Like the regular auction designs the Pro Designs are located in GarageSale Design menu and in the Cover Flow browser. For easy access just click on the Pro Design category button in Cover flow view:


If you're interested in a customized Pro Design for your own store listings please contact us.

Pro Design Options

Before you start please make sure you're using your eBay store and selected a store category in the Advanced Inspector:


The Pro Design Options are located in the Design Properties Inspector (scroll down a bit). They allow you to:

• Show/Hide and adjust your store name

• Show/Hide your store categories


• Add info boxes e.g. for your shipping info, payment info and so on.

You can enter individual titles and content for each of the boxes. (It might be helpful to type your text in a Text Edit file and paste it into the property field.)


If needed you can format the text using HTML tags. See the examples below:

• Adding line breaks: <br>

• Bold text: <b>your text</b>

Example: You enter this:

Enter your payment info here.<br><b>Enter your payment info here.</b>

This is the result:


• Some Pro Designs come with additional options: add your own logo, change the header color or adjust the sidebar.


Good to know:

• Pro Designs always start with a Pro: in their name.

• Learn more about Design Properties in the manual here.

• Find more Pro Designs in GarageSale's Design Store.

• You can batch edit all property fields thanks to GarageSale 6 new Batch Editing feature.

• Even without an eBay store you can use the GarageSale Pro Designs.

• You can turn off eBay's own listing frames (store header and sidebar) on the My eBay>Marketing Tools>Listing Frame website.

• If you're interested in a customized Pro Design for your own store listings please contact us.

• You can adjust many other aspects of the Pro Design by using CSS code. E.g. to change the font-family of the 'info boxes' just add this line of code at the very top of the description field in Editor mode:

<style type="text/css"><!-- .gs-infoBox {font-family: Helvetica, sans-serif;} --></style>