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Welcome to the GarageSale 6 Manual
This manual refers to the old GarageSale 6. For the manual for GarageSale 7, please visit the GarageSale 7 Help.

You arrived at the official manual of GarageSale 6, the eBay client for Mac OS X. This manual is built using a Wiki system, which allows everybody to alter the contents of these page (after creating an account). We are inviting everyone to correct mistakes or provide additional instructions where needed.

Helpful Links:
• Getting Started with GarageSale: A tutorial video explaining GarageSale's basic functions is available here.
• Support Section: More tutorial videos, FAQs and links are available in the Support section of the GarageSale website.
• User Group: Share tips and get help at the GarageSale user group.
• Contact: You can contact us through our applications (About menu) or our contact page.

GarageSale Manual (English)

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Recently Changed

Whats New In GarageSale 6.7

Whats New In GarageSale 6

Direct links to recently added or changed features:

  • Variations - Support for eBay's item variation feature
  • Inventory Tracking - Define products and assign them title, pricing information, images, and quantity.
  • Design Properties - give you fine grained control about many aspects of an auction design.
  • Pro Designs - Pro Designs are advanced auction designs, specially designed for use with your eBay store listings.
  • Twitter - You can link your Twitter account with GarageSale.

GarageSale Handbuch (Deutsch)


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