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About Inventory Tracking

Using GarageSale's inventory tracking function has several benefits for eBay sellers:

  • GarageSale keeps track of the number of the available items of the same kind and alerts you when you are about to list an item you don't have sufficient stock for.
GS6 InventoryWarning.png
  • When you list the same item in different categories or on different eBay sites, you only need to specify your item's description or images once as an inventory item. When you link a listing template to an inventory item through a common SKU, the images included in the inventory item are automatically added to your listing template.
  • If you want to list multi-variation items with images, you can add your images in GarageSale's inventory tracking window. Thus you can use them in several variation listings.

On October 26 2010 eBay will roll out a new [Duplicate Listing policy] that may impact your ability to list multiple identical fixed price items at once.

Creating inventory items

You can invoke the inventory panel from GarageSale's window menu.

GS6 Inventory.jpg
  • Enter the your product's title in the Title field. This field is only visible in GarageSale and used to identify your item visually.
  • The Custom Label (SKU) field holds your item's unique identifier. It is used to link an auction template or a variation item to a specific inventory item.
  • The Price field contains your item's default price.
  • The Quantity field holds the number of items you have available for a certain product. GarageSale will decrease this value when an item sells on eBay. It will also warn you when you are about to list more items on eBay than you have available.
  • Enter your own acquisition cost in the Cost field. The field's contents is automatically copied over to the cost field a linked auction template and thus evaluate in reports for profit calculation.
  • You can add images to your product by clicking on the Media toolbar button and dragging images into the Images area. All the images, including their captions, will be automatically added to a linked auction template or can be selected for inclusion for a variation listing, which includes this product.
  • The Description field allows you to enter a detailed description of your item outside an actual listing. You can include your inventory item's description anywhere in your listing description by including the string {{item.inventoryProductDescription}} (This requires GarageSale 6.0.7). Every time you change this description, all templates using it will automatically update.

Importing inventory items from CSV

Users can import inventory item definitions from a [CSV file] through the Import Inventory Products... command in the File menu. This text file has to be saved in UTF-8 character encoding. The file's first row is supposed to be a header row.

The following six columns have to be present in the file (all lowercase):

  • title
  • sku
  • price
  • quantity
  • cost
  • description

The SKU field must no be empty. Also, the currency fields (price, cost) use a dot as decimal separator, even though you might have set your Mac to use a comma (European users).

Example CSV file

The following two lines are an example of how to create a file with one product (the first row is the header row, make sure the names are in lowercase!).


MacBook Pro i7,MB_P_i7,1499.00,55,1199.00,This is a nice one!

Linking an inventory item with an auction template

Once you've setup your inventory item in the Inventory panel, you can link an inventory item with an auction template through the SKU field in the 'Advanced' section of the template inspector.

Linking an inventory item with a variation item

You can also link an inventory item with a single variation in the Variations panel through the SKU field of that variation.

GS6 Variations.jpg