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To access GarageSale's preferences select Preferences under GarageSale in the menu bar.


Change your eBay Site, Country, Region and Location here. You can also change some view settings and re-enable all warning dialogs.

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View Options

In the View Options section you can choose the color that is used to highlight extra fee options.

Use the Show All Warnings button to make GarageSale display warning dialogs you might have disabled in the past by activating the Don't show again checkbox in certain panels.

New Templates

Choose the standard settings to be used when creating a new auction template with GarageSale. You can either specify your defaults using the various fields or activate the Copy Settings from checkbox and choose a template to copy all the settings from when a new template is created.

These settings only take effect on newly created auction templates (not existing ones).

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Image Server

Your auction images have to be stored online so everyone can see it in your auction.

You have 4 different possibilities of including images in your auction: 
EPS, FTP, WebDAV and GarageSale's FREE Picture Service.

EN Images Server Options.jpg

Upload images to eBay’s Picture Service (EPS)

This is the default option. eBay's picture service will be used for image storage.
Placing more than one image (or a larger size) in your eBay listing implies additional fees. 

EN ImageServer EPS.jpg

However, with GarageSale you can avoid these charges by easily using your personal web server or Garage Sale's FREE Picture Service!

Additional images can be thus used for free...

Using Garage Sale's Free Picture Service

Store up to twenty images per auction free of charge on our servers and say 'Goodbye' to eBay's image hosting fees.

In order to use this option select GarageSale's Free Picture Service in GarageSale Preferences.

EN preferences image server fps.png

Remember that the number of pictures is limited to 20 per auction. If you choose more, the auction cannot be started.

You do not need any further configuration! When you start the auction the images will be uploaded automatically and stored to GarageSale's image server for free.

The images will remain on the server for 60 days. If you relist the auction from withing GarageSale the images will remain for another 60 days. (If you relist through the eBay website, there's no way for GarageSale to notice and prolong the picture life time.)

Auctions with a Good Till Canceled duration are not supported by GarageSale's free image service by default unless you purchase the GTC Image Option (see below).

GTC Image Option

GTC image option-icon.png

We have been offering free image hosting to GarageSale users for a few years now, but so far we’ve always excluded images using in ‘Good Till Canceled’ (GTC) listings from that service. This was because we deleted images on our server after 60 days to make room for new pictures – a strategy that didn’t work, if your GTC listing is available a lot longer than that.

Therefore GarageSale 6.4 adds a paid service for storing images for your GTC listings: The GTC Image Option. This option allows you to use GarageSale's easy-to-use and reliable image service starting at USD 3.99.

Your advantages of the GTC Image Option:

  • You save eBay's image fees.
  • You don't have to pay, setup and maintain an own server.
  • You don't have to hassle with server settings, options and access data.
  • You don't have to manually remove image files for ended listing manually to prevent your server's hard disk from running out of space.

We are offering the following periods for purchase:

  • 1 Month: $3.99
  • 3 Months: $10.99
  • 6 Months: $19.99
  • 12 Months: $29.99

All images in your GTC listings uploaded within the selected period will stay online on GarageSale's image server as long as your GTC listings are running!

You can sign up for that service directly from within GarageSale’s preferences panel.

EN preferences image server fps.png

Hit the Purchase button to open the built-in store:

EN GTC image option-purchase.png

Good to Know:

  • GarageSale's image service supports up to 20 images per auction.
  • There's no limit how many GTC listings you can start within the purchased period option.
  • After your GTC listings have ended the images will stay online for additional 10 days.
  • The GTC Image Option is NOT a subscription service! There's no monthly fee or something like that. You pay once for the selected period and can purchase additional period options whenever you need them.
  • If you want to relist or revise your listing, make sure to use GarageSale's built-in relist/revise function. If you relist through the eBay website, there's no way for GarageSale to notice and prolong the picture life time.

Upload images to your own web server via FTP

If you select this option, auction images will be stored on your own web server using FTP (file transfer protocol). All pictures will be included for free, regardless of the quantity or the size.

Not all servers can handle multiple connections. Disable this option if it doesn't work with your server.

Prefs FTP-settings EN.jpg

This method, however, requires a thorough configuration:

FTP Options


To make life easier for you, GarageSale can help you during the setup procedure. 

The assistant will guide you through necessary steps verifying at the same time whether the data you provided is correct.

EN FTP Assistant.png

Maximum Image Size:

The size you want your auction image to be scaled to before uploading.

Delete Images:

You can decide whether and - if yes - when the images you uploaded should be
removed from the server by GarageSale.

Show Images:

Behind this button you will get a detailed overview of your uploaded images: 
location, the last upload time, the last time you used them and when they expire:

EN Images Overview.png

Finally, you can manage the images in an easy way:
EN Images Manage.png

FTP Server Settings

FTP Server:

The host name of the web server where you have FTP access, i.e.

User Name and Password:

You user name and password on the FTP server.

Image Path:

The path the the directory on the FTP server where the pictures are to be stored, i.e. auction_images.

This folder must already exist. You can use GarageSale's FTP setup assistant or one of the various FTP clients available for the mac to create this directory (i.e. "Cyberduck").

HTTP Image Path:

The complete URL for accessing your FTP picture directory you specified as image path via a browser like Safari or FireFox. 

If your image path would be auction_images and your host name would be, you should enter in this field.

Test Settings

If not already verified by the 'Assistant', be sure to test your settings before uploading an auction with separate images. This will automatically open a browser window and attempt to load a picture from your server. If no picture appears, or your browser generates an error, re-check your settings before uploading an auction.

If you are having trouble getting the FTP settings to work, please refer to the section Troubleshooting FTP Settings.

Upload images to own web server via WebDAV

If you select this option, auction images will be stored on your own web server using WebDav (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning). When choosing your own server, be sure to complete the following fields:

Maximum Image Size:

The size you want your auction image to be scaled to before uploading.

WebDAV Base URL:

The HTTP URL to your images directory on your web server.
This folder must already exist!

Login and Password:

Your user name and password on your web server.


Use the Accounts section to manage your different eBay accounts. You can and add delete accounts here. To add an eBay account just click on that little + button below the eBay Accounts table.

EN PreferencesAccounts.jpg

Refreshing your eBay token: You can also refresh your eBay access token for certain accounts here. eBay tokens expire automatically after two years.

PayPal email address: Each account may have a corresponding PayPal email address. Select the account and change the PayPal address by editing the address in the text field below.

Store Categories: If you are running an eBay store select your eBay account, choose the Store Tab and press the 'Update now' button to download the store categories. You can later select these store categories as Store Category.

Before uploading an auction to eBay GarageSale presents you with a list of eBay accounts. Choose the account you want to appear as seller in this popup:

EN StartAuction Panel.jpg

PayPal integration

GarageSale can monitor multiple PayPal accounts for incoming payments. See your accounts history with a single click instead of waiting for PayPal’s web page to load. To use the PayPal integration you will have to follow a few steps...

Accounts-paypal api.png


Set the frequency in which GarageSale should look for category updates on the eBay site. This is important because eBay categories do change, and an incorrect category will result in your item not being properly listed or rejected by eBay.

If you get an error regarding categories or item specifics, you've to update the category data by clicking on the "Update now..." button. (Make sure the right eBay Site is selected in the GarageSale preferences>General.) Choose 'download anyway' if GS tells you your categories are already current.

eBay Charity

Download the latest eBay charity data here, too.


Set the frequency in which GarageSale should refresh the auction states. GarageSale can also show and track auctions which weren't listed from within GarageSale. Just activate the Show auctions from My eBay checkbox.

Prefs tracking EN.jpg
Prefs tracking-leftlist EN.png

Activate Download My eBay Messages to see your eBay messages under the "Misc" section in GarageSale's main window in the list on the left.

Forget Deleted Auctions allows GarageSale to import previously deleted auctions.


Share your prepared auction templates with other GarageSale users on your local network with Apple's Bonjour technology.

Prefs sharing-leftlist.png

A new "Shared" section will appear in GarageSale's sidebar if another GarageSale library was found in your local network.

You can limit the sharing feature to selected groups and secure it with a password.

Prefs sharing.jpg


Here you can make some advanced settings.

Delete finished auctions after: GarageSale deletes finished auction from its library unless you set it to "Never".

Reduce image size on import helps you to keep your GarageSale library small.

Prevent system from sleep should be activated if you're using GarageSale built-in scheduler.

Remove category after duplication removes the category settings from a duplicated auction templates. This way you'll never forget to set the correct category in a duplicated template.

Don't switch mode afer auction start is helpful if GarageSale should stay in template mode after you start an auction. Otherwise GarageSale will switch to the started auction.

Don't hide Inspector in background: Some user prefer to see the Inspector window although GarageSale is not the frontmost application.

If Include Footer in Item description checkbox is activated, the contents of the footer field will be appended to every auction started with GarageSale. By default this field contains HTML code which appends the GarageSale logo to your auctions.

This footer can only be turned off or edited in the registered version of GarageSale.

Prefs advanced.png


Here you can enable the automatic update check function.

If you don't want GarageSale to download updates in the background, don't activate this option. It's disabled by default!

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Here you can link your Twitter account with GarageSale. This will enable GarageSale to send a tweet out each time you start or relist an auction. You can use the %t placeholder in the Twitter message that get's posted when you start auctions from GarageSale. This placeholder gets replaced by the title of your auction before the message is sent to Twitter.

Please note that tweets will not be send for auctions that use the eBay scheduler.

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