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GarageSale makes it easy for you to sell and manage items on eBay. It simplifies the process of offering items and allows you to quickly create templates speeding up the process of offering similar items in the future. GarageSale offers you more than 1000 layout options. You can also minimise charges by for example using GarageSale's Free Picture Service or GarageSale's built-in auction scheduler.

Download and Install GarageSale

(Tutorial Video: How do I install GarageSale?)

Download the GarageSale disk image file (.dmg) from the GarageSale website.

Double-click on this .dmg file to view its contents:

Setup image content1.png

Drag and drop the GarageSale icon to your applications folder  to install the application on your hard drive. 

Eject the disk image volume by dragging the volume icon to the trash.

Open the applications folder. Start GarageSale by double-clicking on the icon.

Initial Setup

The welcome window gives you the possibility of trying GarageSale for free (demo) or to purchase it directly. A demo installation allows you to test GarageSale for three auctions. If you need to be convinced, that'll do! Click Purchase to obtain a license right away.

En welcome step1.png

You can receive a license for GarageSale at any time by selecting Buy License from the GarageSale menu. Learn more about the built-in license store here.

Press next to choose the eBay site you would like to sell from, and where you are located. You may change the entries for eBay site, country, region and location in the preferences window at any time.

En welcome step2.png

After providing the information click next. In this section of the setup process you can specify whether you would like to accept PayPal as on of the default payment methods for your auctions posted with GarageSale.

En welcome step3.png

After completing this information click next to get your eBay token.

Disable the "I will authorize GarageSale later" checkbox if you want to authorize your eBay account right away.

You can authorize your eBay account or add other accounts at any time in the GarageSale preferences.

En welcome step4.png

See the following section Authorizing GarageSale to use your eBay account for details about tokens. Make sure you are using the same eBay account information for both parts of the registration! After completing the process, switch back to the GarageSale installation window and press next.

eBay's category data

eBay maintains a databank of category information. To make working with categories faster, GarageSale stores this information locally. Depending on which eBay site you choose, the category information could amount to ten to fifteen megabytes of data that must downloaded before you can use GarageSale. This is of special interest to users with a dial-up or other slow internet connection. Be aware that clicking on Finish will begin downloading the category data.

Authorizing GarageSale to use your eBay account

GarageSale requires an access token to connect to the eBay system. This is a secret code GarageSale needs to help keep your account secure.

An access token grants a single application access to your eBay account, in this case GarageSale. eBay requires an authorized client applications or services to use a token. This token is used as a safer alternative to saving your eBay username and password locally on your hard drive.

GarageSale needs a token to perform its operations such as adding auctions, getting auction categories etc. with your eBay account. After filling in your eBay username and clicking the authorize button, GarageSale will automatically point your web browser to the eBay token web page. Follow the instructions on the web page to authorize GarageSale. Then return to GarageSale and click next.

EN Authorizing.jpg

GarageSale will retrieve your access token from eBay. This token will only be saved in your personal ‘keychain’. You can view and delete it using the 'keychain access' application in the 'utilities' directory located in your applications folder.

Authorizing GarageSale to a later time

If you leave "I will authorize GarageSale later" checked, you can go to GarageSale Preferences --> Accounts and press the "+" button to add your account. Type in your "eBay Username" and press "Authorize." This will open an agreement on your browser for you to complete. Then go back to the preferences window and press the "Fetch Token" button. This will give you your eBay token and set up a new account which you can view in Preferences --> Accounts.

EN PreferencesAccounts.jpg