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General Usage

understanding GarageSale's template paradigm

In GarageSale you create so-called auction templates that you use to start auctions.

Here are some hints on using GarageSale's template paradigm:

1. If you have information (disclaimer, etc) that should go into every auction, you can put just that information in special template and designate that template as master template in Preferences > New Template > Master template. Every time you create a new template all the information from the master template will be already there.

2. If you are frequently selling items from different categories (e.g. dolls), you can create a set of 'second level' master templates that contain all your information specific to to a certain item category. Only fill in the information common to all items of a certain type. Use the duplicate button before filling in any information for a specific item.

3. If you ever used a template to start an auction. Don't modify it. Use the duplicate button instead. Chances are that you will have the same or a nearly identical in the future to sell. Also, when you modify the template that has a running auction, you will have a hard time revising that auction in case you find errors its description.

4. The templates are your true treasure. Therefore make sure to backup your Mac regularly. You would be surprised to know how often we get approached by users who lost thousands of templates who didn't have a backup.

This template system is flexible enough to do that most people want. Remember to use the duplicate button often. It's ok to have a set of partially filled in skeleton templates around.

GarageSale Icon Legend

Icons explained: Different colors and signs symbolize the state of your Auctions and Auction Templates. Have a look at this legend for details:

EN GarageSale-Legend.png

If you get a yellow warning sign when trying to start an auction eBay returned a warning about some aspect of your auction. You can choose to ignore it and still list your item. Select verify template from the Template menu for details.

If you get a red warning sign: eBay refuses to list your item for a certain reason. Maybe verifying your templates sheds some light on this. If you don't get a helpful error message from eBay, try to list the exact same auction on the eBay webpage. Sometimes this result in a more informative message than the one eBay provides third party applications like GarageSale with.

More help and support: GarageSale support page