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GarageSale's Design Properties in the Properties Inspector give you fine grained control about many aspects of an auction design.

Depending on the chosen auction design, you can e.g. control change the color of the auction title, disable the title or use an alternate title on the auction page, use a different page width, or remove the border around embedded auction images.


Design Properties Overview

Overview of the standard design properties:


Hide or show specific elements of your auction, like auction title, payment instructions or image frames.



Change the title, subtitle, payment instructions or caption color.



Adjust the width of the design. From small (narrow) to Maximum (maximum width).


You can adjust the width of the thumbnail images, too. (Works with the following design layouts: Thumbs Left, Thumbs Right, Thumb Zoom, Thumbs Left And Right)


Font Settings:

Edit the title font, alignment and style.


Custom Elements:

Activate these fields to use alternate titles, subtitles or payment instructions in the auction design. This allows you to use another title than the one you use for your listing! Just double-click into the "Custom Title:" field and enter an alternate title.


If you use an alternate title you're not limited by a number of characters but don't enter too many text because it could widen your listing.


Here's where you find advanced options. E.g. you can hide the captions under the thumbnail images. (Works with the following design layouts: Thumbs Left, Thumbs Right, Thumbs Left And Right.)

Some other auction designs offer options to change the background color or hide some other aspects of the design.


Good to know:

• You can reset the current design properties to their default values by clicking the Reset button below the properties field.


• You can bulk edit the properties by selecting multiple auction templates and editing the properties in the Inspector.

• If you're missing any properties you can adjust many other aspects of the auction design by using CSS code. E.g. to change the caption text size, add this line of code at the very top of the description field in Editor mode:

<style type="text/css"><!--.captionText {font-size: 14px;}--></style>